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Catalogue 2013

Berries, Currants, Figs & Grapes



Vigorous, rambling plant with thorny canes. Huge crops of elongated red-black fruit are produced over summer. Flavour is rich and sweet when picked fully ripe. Harvest daily during the cropping season as the fruit ripen rapidly. Eaten fresh, frozen and made into preserves (jams, jellies, cordials and syrups).



Vigorous brambleberry with thorny canes. Bears heavy crops of medium to large, shiny black fruits with a sweet and rich, aromatic flavour, with hints of wild blackberry. Higher yields and a longer cropping season than the boysenberry. Mid-season.


Compact growth habit with densely branched, short canes. Thornless, smooth canes. Productive and hardy, bearing crops of glossy black, delicious, richly flavoured fruits. Mid-season.


Thornless tayberry

Loganberry x black raspberry cross. Thorn-free canes on highly vigorous plants. Juicy, conical reddish-purple fruits have a rich and aromatic, tart flavour. Excellent for preserves. Huge yields.

Alpine Strawberry

Alpine Strawberry Yellow Wonder

Cambridge Rival Strawberry


The most popular of all the berry fruits and easily grown in the home garden. Highly productive, compact plants, bearing juicy, sweet red fruits.

ALPINE STRAWBERRY (Fragaria vesca)

Runner-less, bushy plants bearing heavy crops of small, red, intensely flavoured and aromatic fruits. A true gourmet and tasty delight. Best eaten fresh, baked, or used in preserves. Improved, named varieties available. Crops over a very long period.

ALEXANDRIA: Dark red fruits, with very sweet flavor and rich, wild strawberry taste.
FOUR SEASONS: Aromatic and intense tasting red fruit.
YELLOW WONDER: Bears creamy yellow fruits up to an inch long. Aromatic, with a rich, delicious flavour. Pale fruit are not bothered by birds.

CAMBRIDGE RIVAL (Fragaria x ananassa): Old English heirloom variety. One of the most highly regarded of all varieties for flavour. Crimson fruit is sweet and rich with 'true' strawberry flavour. Productive, early bearing and hardy.
(certified, virus-free plants)

STRAWBERRY ‘KIEWA’ (Fragaria x ananassa)
Australian-bred variety with large fruit, outstanding flavour and high yields.
(certified, virus-free plants)

JAM STRAWBERRY (Fragaria x ananassa): An old, un-named variety passed on to us by a local farmer that has traditionally been used to make outstanding jam. Flavour is rich and sweet. The medium-sized red fruit are also delicious eaten fresh.

Bushy, thorn-free shrub bearing clusters of red-black, aromatic fruit. Rich, tart and resinous flavour. Fruit is eaten fresh or made into cordials, juice and sauces.


A cross between a Black Currant and Gooseberry, they grow to a tall (1.5m) clump. Thornless. Fruit are similar in appearance to Black Currants but are larger and sweeter in flavour. Productive and hardy. Eaten fresh or used in cordials and preserves. Makes excellent fruit wine.
Red Currant
Bushes bear dense bunches of bright red, glistening fruit with a plesant sweet-sour flavour. Ripens earlier than Black Currants. Protect from birds while fruiting or grow under cages. Used in preserves. Makes excellent jelly.
Black Genoa


BROWN TURKEY: Early variety. Large fruit with dark brown skin flushed with yellow. Juicy pink flesh with a sweet, sugary flavour. Hardy and crops well with an extended harvest period. Tolerates dry conditions.

BLACK GENOA: Large, purple-skinned variety with dark red, rich, very sweet flesh. Productive and vigorous. Excellent variety for cool climates. Used fresh and for jam.

WHITE ADRIATIC: Light-coloured to purple-blushed fruit. Large leaves. Sweet, jelly-like red flesh.


Most popular white table grape. Small, green, seedless fruit has excellent flavour (especially loved by children). Also main variety for dried fruit (sultanas). Early ripening. Moderately vigorous vines, prefers hot, dry conditions. Cane prune.